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UPDATE! And great news…if we can hit $3,200 in donations by the end of the weekend, we have a donor that will contribute $1,000! Any donation amount can help us reach that goal. Please share! Thank you!! Donations can be made here:

Murphy had a very tough start to life. He was shot repeatedly with a BB gun, suffered a broken foot that was never treated, and was dumped on the street to fend for himself.


Despite all the mistreatment, he is still a loving, trusting boy. He is doing fantastic in his foster home and soaking up the love. Take a look at the love…

Wags Fund is trying to get Murphy the surgery he needs to help him walk comfortably. His front leg is not very functional and causes him pain, but he is an excellent candidate for a carpal fusion/grafting surgery. As you can imagine the surgery is quite expensive and we could really use your help to help him.


Any size donation to assist this boy is much appreciated. The WAGS Fund is a registered 501(c)(3) organization and donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.



Adoption Event

Do you love Senior & “Special” dogs? We do too!

That’s why WAGS Fund is partnering with another rescue (our good friends at Red Collar Rescue) to present a Senior & Special Needs dogs adoption event at Natural Pawz in The Heights on Saturday, April 29th. Natural Pawz is a natural & holistic pet food & supply store at 514 W. 19th Street, Houston TX 77008. We’ll be there from noon to 4 PM.

Please come out to meet our sweet pups Murphy, Brook, and Pippi. They’re not bothered by age or other limitations; they have so much love to give.

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The Foster Experience

My husband and I (along with our dog Sammy) fostered Wags for 4 months. It was our first foster experience. If I could describe fostering in two words they would be exhausting and amazing. Seems like a contradiction, doesn’t it? Here is why I chose those two words…

snugglesWhen you agree to foster an animal you cannot anticipate how much work they will be. You may get a dog that is calm and easy going and has been in a home before or you  may get a dog that needs training and has never been in a home. We got the latter with Wags. Don’t get me wrong, she was a GREAT dog. Probably the most snuggley dog I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. We did lots of snuggling over those 4 months. We also did lots of training, including potty training. When you are working with a 45 pound full grown dog that is acting like a puppy it can be exhausting, but the reward is SO worth it. Watching her learn to settle and wait for treats was so amazing. Oh, look that second word…

photo7It was amazing to watch her learn and even better to watch her teach our dog Sammy new things. As an example, Sammy had never noticed there was a world walking by the front windows of our house. There could have been a parade going by and she would not have noticed. Wags saw it all and showed it to Sammy. Still whenever I hear Sam bark out the front windows, I think of Wags and smile. The foster experience touches you in ways you do not expect. It can be emotionally exhausting picking a new family for a dog you have opened your home to, but the reward for the hard work comes back ten fold. And allowing that dog to move on from your home opens you the opportunity to save another dog in need. They never move on from your heart.

If you are interested in fostering for the WAGS Fund, please contact us at

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