Help Us Save Maggie

Meet Maggie! This sweet little girl was just a couple of months old when she was hit by a car and abandoned in the driveway of an apartment complex, where a good samaritan found her. She soon found herself in the very busy, crowded Harris County Animal Shelter, and vets there discovered she had a broken leg. She was tagged by Wags Fund and taken to an animal hospital for surgery, but because the fracture was difficult to operate on, an orthopedist at Blue Pearl Veterinary Specialists had to do the surgery and Maggie was given time to heal.


During her follow-up exam, we discovered that Maggie’s injuries were more serious than originally anticipated and she has so much nerve damage that her leg will never be functional. At this point, she is in constant pain and the orthopedist has recommended amputation. Being a young, otherwise healthy dog, she can still learn to adapt to walking/running on 3 legs.


Maggie is a very affectionate, happy, young puppy who loves people, dogs, and all play time. After her rough start, she deserves to live a wonderful, pain-free life. All contributions will be used to cover the cost of Maggie’s amputation and follow-up care. Please help us save Maggie from the pain she is in now by making a donation today.

Wags Fund is a 501c3 non-profit animal welfare organization based in Houston, Texas.